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Barnes & Associates is a combination of litigation, medical and business professionals. The firm was created because founding partner Stephen A. Barnes (a board-certified surgeon and trial attorney) recognized that while many attorneys brag about themselves, a big ego alone will not win a case. A successful lawsuit requires more than putting on a “show” for the jury. Your attorneys must instead aggressively and confidently present the judge with sound legal arguments (the law) and present the jury with convincing evidence (the medicine).
Barnes & Associates focuses on evidence-based yet legally innovative approaches with our cases. We carefully screen our cases before we accept them – no empty promises or hustling you to sign a contract only to settle for pennies later on. We believe that our clients should be treated compassionately and with individualized attention. So, whether or not your case becomes our case, we take the time to explain the law and medicine up front. And while many firms put your case on hold for months due to lack of resources or having to learn the medicine from expensive or busy outside experts, that doesn’t happen here. True justice for our injured clients requires dedication and resources that move the case forward in the shortest time possible and without bloated expenses.
The team of lawyers and doctors at Barnes & Associates, as well as our readily available expert consultants in every field of medicine, science, business, and beyond, can provide you with fast answers and fast results – and the law and medicine needed to win your case!

If you want a truly “aggressive” attorney,
hire the most qualified in the field!

As the client, the choice of an attorney is yours alone. But be careful! Ask yourself if your attorney really has what it takes to “aggressively” pursue your case in the modern era, instead of just bragging about results from the glory days before Tort Reform.

Many lawyers say they are “aggressive” which usually means they are promising a quick result. Regardless of such promises, the truth is that modern-era medical malpractice cases are not typically conducive to rapid resolution by aggressive “lawyering” alone. So, promises of “rocket dockets” and “aggressive” pursuit of cases usually means a conveyor-belt “one size fits all” method of legally working the case that was developed long ago when litigating cases was far different than today. And that usually means cutting corners, missing key pieces of the medical care in question, or otherwise sacrificing thoroughness for fast (but not the most) money to you, the client.

This is particularly true in the post-2004 era of Texas Medical Malpractice “Tort Reform” wherein procedural hurdles and defense delay tactics abound. Prosecuting a modern-era medical malpractice case correctly and optimally requires an extensive knowledge of both the law and the medicine, not only to properly and completely present the entire case for you, the client, but also to defeat the multiple stall tactics and excuses that doctors, nurses, and hospitals make up to delay your case or explain away your botched medical care.

That’s not saying that your case cannot be resolved quickly. It is simply saying that most attorneys cannot do so properly: in today’s “Tort Reform” world, most attorney’s lack the skill set to quickly resolve a case while also obtaining the best monetary outcome for you. Don’t fall for empty promises and tall building/big ego types when it comes to choosing your attorney. True proficiency (and thus time-savings and maximizing recovery of money) in medical malpractice litigation requires the constant input of both up-to-date medical knowledge and contemporary legal insight. Dr. Barnes has both, unlike most other attorneys who are not doctors and have to retain expensive and busy doctor “experts” as consultants or rely upon outdated knowledge and tactics.

Barnes & Associates does not stop merely with Dr. Barnes’ education, training, and experience as a doctor and a lawyer. Barnes & Associates also utilizes an aggregation of numerous other approachable, likeable, and available physicians and attorneys throughout the United States. This adds additional layers of checks and cross-checks to ensure state-of-the-art medical-legal approaches to your individual case.

Dr. Barnes and Barnes & Associates have the “law and medicine” that are required to get your case evaluated, pursued, and completed quickly and with maximum recovery to you. This speed without sacrificing recovery is what it means to truly “aggressively” prosecute your lawsuit.

Stephen A. Barnes

Stephen A. Barnes


Dr. Steve Barnes is the founding partner of Barnes & Associates. He is both a board-certified (and re-certified) general surgeon/surgical oncologist and a licensed attorney practicing in Texas, New Mexico, and Montana.